Great news from Italy! Our documentary „The Lithium Revolution“ by director Andreas Pichler and Julio Weiss is honored with the „Life After Oil“ Award at the IX Sardinia Film Festival 2014.
The jury explained their decision as follows:
The film “The Lithium Revolution” shows us a glimpse into the future and turns to a new idea, a green idea, a revolutionary idea: the electric car. (…) But we see that progress is always difficult and never follows a direct line. The proliferation of this new technology is still a long and winding road. The director leads us through the complex subject, the film is hopeful but realistic.
In a time of global resource shortage and increasing energy prices, it is lithium that is on the way to becoming „the“ natural resource of the 21st century. Lithium is the basis for a new kind of battery technology and thus a prerequisite for the spreading of electronic mobility. Is lithium an answer to the imminent energy crisis and key to the future?