After more than three years in the making, our project „The Seasons“ is finally on the verge of completion. Twelve camera crews traversed continental Europe for a total of 360 days, accompanying and portraying more than 100 protagonists and their everyday challenges in the rhythm of the seasons. Since principal photography wrapped in November 2014, we are facing the difficult task of tying the many wonderful stories into an overall narrative in post-production. Meanwhile, the first broadcast has been confirmed: ARTE will air the five springtime episodes of our 20-part documentary series in the week of March 16th to 20th 2015 at 7:30 pm respectively. The remaining episodes will be shown on ARTE in summer, autumn, and winter – each five episodes in their respective seasons. MDR, SWR, and NDR, coproducers of “The Seasons”, will also broadcast the series at a later date. So it is finally time for us to reap the fruits of our labour.