Our South African co-production”Nelson Mandela: the myth and me” is officially nominated for the prestigious German Grimme Prize 2015 in the category “Information and Culture/Special”. Khalo Matabane asks global thinkers, Apartheid-victims and Mandela’s entourage to classify Nelson Mandela’s achievements, thereby providing a multi-facetted approach to his myth. His recent death at the high age of 95 offers the opportunity to reflect upon his legacy beyond sainthood. Amongst others, Matabane interviews the Dalai Lama, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Peter Hain, Albie Sachs and Ariel Dorfman. Critique may just as well be pronounced as approval and veneration. How do they interpret his message of freedom, forgiveness and reconciliation in the world of today? The award ceremony will take place March 27th. We keep our fingers crossed!