From 10th to 16th May we turned back the hands of time to the 18th century in Lower Saxony for our extensive re-enactment shoot. Schloss Marienburg and Schloss Hämelschenburg, both south of Hannover, formed the historical setting for the scenic part of our docudrama ‘Munchausen – The Truth Behind the Lies’.
The leading actors: Ben Becker (‘Comedian Harmonists’) as Baron Munchausen and Alexander Beyer (‘Good Bye, Lenin!’) as his opponent and actual inventor of the concoctions, Rudolph Erich Raspe. The latest special effect techniques will make the famous stories around the ‘Baron of Lies’ come to life in spectacular way.
Along with the documentary part which was already completed in 2011 – containing interviews with a descendant of the baron and with star director Terry Gilliam – this film traces down the true story behind those fabricated ones.