The title song of our TV series “Gasoline Deluxe” with Friedrich Liechtenstein is shortlisted for the MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS by photokina! The music video is one out of five finalists – from August 25 to September 12 you can VOTE for the winner online!
In July 2016 the photokina called for the MUSIC VIDEO AWARD by photokina in cooperation with c/o pop. Young musicians, filmmakers and producers followed the call to apply with their music videos. A jury consisting of Claudia Davis, Baris Aladag and Thomas Venker chose a Top 5 out of all competitors, who will be announced at c/o pop convention at August 25th in Cologne.
“Gasoline Deluxe” is part of a crossmedia project with Friedrich Liechtenstein including a 10-part TV series, a web series, a VR/360° video, and a music video for the opener song “1000 Liter”.