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In five episodes and for the first time, we tell the story of Germany as a country of immigration from a migrant perspective and listen only to those who have immigrated.
What are their experiences among the Germans, or #unterAlmans?
What is their view of the German society?




Yasemin Ergin, Kristin Siebert
Sebastian Bellwinkel, Marlene Wynants


60 min
5 x 25 min


Salwa Houmsi takes us to people who came to Germany in the last 70 years. They talk about hopes and dreams, but also about pain, despair and loneliness. It is about pride and empowerment, about racism and right-wing violence. Do young people with a migration background feel at home differently than their grandparents, the first immigrants? How do they change this country and what does “being German” mean to them? Salwa Houmsi is the narrator of the series and explores on-camera and in her off-camera comments the question of what we can learn from the past and whether and under what conditions we will soon say with pride: We are a country of immigration and that’s a good thing! Beyond a history-lesson-feeling, the series offers a colorful, intergenerational, emotional journey through the decades. The series tells migration stories from all parts of Germany, stories from the post-war period, the reunification and today. A modern look and high-quality images from all corners of Germany are assembled to an exciting journey through time. Rare photographs, among others from private archives, underline the personal perspective of the protagonists and bring the history of migration since the 1950s to life with many new aspects.
Director and Writer

Yasemin Ergin
Kristin Siebert
Sebastian Bellwinkel
Marlene Wynants


Ilhan Coskun
Paul-Georg Busse
Richard Klemm
Jonny Müller-Goldenstedt
Ferhat Topklar


Dirk Diedrich
Rolf Schapals
Björn Schubert
Nicolas Winkelhahn


Agata Welz

Sound Design

Pierre Brand

Color Grading

Bernie Greiner


Malte Hadeler

Specialist advise

Dr. Maria Alexopoulou, TU Berlin, Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung

Archive producer

Florian Tropp, Gebrueder Beetz
Franziska Lotze, MDR


ARD Archive
Triano Medien
Bundestag TV
Kanak TV

Creative Producer

Nadine Neumann
Marlene Wynants

Production Manager

Juliane Hribar, Gebrueder Beetz
Arnold Konerding, Radio Bremen
Evelyn Wenzel, MDR

Executive Producer

Reinhardt Beetz

Commissioning editors

Michaela Herold, Radio Bremen
Anaïs Roth, MDR
Andrea Bräu, BR
Sabine Mieder, HR
Marc Brasse, NDR
Rolf Bergmann, RBB
Natalie Weber, SR
Gabriele Trost, SWR
Mathias Werth, WDR
Thilo Kasper, ARD Mediathek

A production by gebrüder beetz
On behalf of NDR, SWR, SR, BR, MDR, HR, rbb, Radio Bremen, WDR
Funded by nordmedia

Copyright 2022

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    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



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