Let’s Talk about Sex – A Century of Sex Education

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An exciting and insightful journey through 100 years of sex education - as well as a perfect reflection of the major changes that have taken place in society as a whole. The series illuminates the fascinating interplay between values, morals, and innovations and our ever-changing attitudes toward relationships and sexuality.




90 min / 2x52 min


Ina Kessebohm, Nadine Neumann & Cosima Dannoritzer



The history of sex education in the 20th century is a perfect mirror of the great social upheavals that have occurred in society as a whole-whether social, political, economic, or technological-and our ever-evolving attitudes toward relationships and sexuality.

This series is therefore nothing less than the story of 100 years of social change as seen through the lens of sex education.

Since the beginning of Western civilization, the main purpose of sex education has been to maintain existing power structures. It has been used by the church and state to gain control over people and their private lives, to maintain patriarchal power structures, and even to fuel capitalism. Sex education has been used to suppress people’s dreams, to control and shame women’s bodies, and to protect the heteronormative order.

These conservative power structures are now being confronted by progressive Enlightenment pioneers. Their weapons: Uncensored access to information; technological and scientific progress; political upheaval; new, alternative lifestyles tried in practice and challenging the status quo.

The story of sex education is the age-old struggle of conservative powers against the desire for consciousness, freedom, and happiness, played out anew each and every decade against the shifting backdrop of social change.

With a twinkle in our eye, we talk about the enlightenment of young people, about sex and sexuality in our 2-part series. But we also want to make people think, because the struggle for enlightenment is also a struggle for information and for equality.

Directed By

Ina Kessebohm
Nadine Neumann
Cosima Dannoritzer

Written By

Ina Kessebohm
Nadine Neumann


Christoph Rohrscheidt
Jordi Esglea
René Munder
Nikola Krivokuca
Dirk Heuer


Elvis Cosz
Nicolas Winkelhahn
Elena Coderech
Moritz Holch
Lukas Röhrdanz
Richard Koburg


Alfredo Castro De Ortigoza
Lisa Friedhofen
Marion Pohlschmidt


Pauline Branke


Cosima Dannoritzer

Original Music

Paul Timmich
Dorian Behner

Mix/Sound Design

Pierre Brand


Sabine Heinrich

Archive Producer

Thorben Bockelmann
Nicolas Winkelhahn

Scientific Advisor

Lutz Sauerteig

Production Management

Juliane Hribar (GBF)
Wolfram Gumpert-Brewitt

Production Assistants

Florian Tropp
Callum Ward
Natalie Haft

Editorial WDR

Christiane Hinz & Jutta Krug

Editorial NDR

Dirk Neuhoff

Editorial SVT

Mikkael Österby

Executive Producers

Reinhardt Beetz
Bettina Walter

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Let’s Talk About Sex – A Century of Sex Education

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