The Cassandra Prophecy

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The untold story of Project Cassandra, launched in 2008 by the Drug Enforcement Administration to investigate how Hezbollah turned cocaine trafficking and money laundering to make billions of dollars to finance its military and terrorist activity, and how the U.S. administration aborted the operation just before its peak moment.




93 min


Duki Dror



The story of Project Cassandra is one of the most important investigative reports in recent years. Published in 2017 on Politico, it reveals the eight-year-long, six-continent operation led by the DEA, targeting drug trafficking and money laundering that financed Hezbollah and Iran‘s terrorist and war activities. Incidentally, the US ad- ministration defanged the project as negotiations started with Iran on the nuclear agreement until reaching an agreement in 2015. Was the most extensive law-enforcement narco-terror operation in a decade compromised to pave the way for the sake of the nuclear deal with Iran? With exclusive archives and interviewees the film ta- kes us behind-the-scene of Project Cassandra and questions the price paid when political interests prevail over the rule of law. In a cosmic coincidence, this important and insightful documentary is due to be released, as the same time, world-leaders are grappling with the geo-political reprecussions of a renewed deal with Iran.

Directed By

Duki Dror

Written By

Duki Dror
Itay Landsberg Nevo
Nadine Neumann

Senior Producer

Dana Wolfe

Line Producer

Liat Kamai Eshed


Avner Shahaf
Boaz Freund
Diego Mendizabal
Ron Katzenelson
Michael Kern
Neil Dallhoff


Erez Levi
Jose W Araujo
Nadav Ginosar
Bruno Carbonetto
Ariel Hadar


Dave Oren
Geoffry Klein

Original Music

Alain Savoie


Ali Adi
Joshoa Peer

Editorial Canada

Gili Gaon
Inbal Petel

Editorial CBC

Jordana Ross

Editorial ZDF/ARTE

Martin Pieper

Editorial Assistants

Evelyn Kissel
Kerstin Koch

Executive Producer

Reinhardt Beetz
Duki Dror
Paul Cadieux

A production by Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduction
In coproduction with Zygote Film, Filmoption International
Produced for ZDF/ARTE, KAB, CBC, ZDF, NFCT, Telefilm Canada

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