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eine Reise in eine versteckte Schattenindustrie in Manila mitten in das Herz digitaler Zensur – dorthin wo das Internet von kontroversen Inhalten „gesäubert“ werden muss.
Wer kontrolliert, was wir sehen und was wir denken?




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Duki Dror, Noam Pinchas, Yossi Bloch

First look trailer for “Supernova: The Music Festival Massacre” documentary

Berlin / Hamburg (November 28, 2023) The award-winning film production company, Gebrueder Beetz, has released a first trailer for “Supernova: The Music Festival Massacre” a 50 minute documentary film which unravels the dramatic events which took place during Hamas’ attack during a music rave in Southern Israel.

The film features eyewitness accounts from survivors of the massacre, first responders and real time footage collated from multiple sources and, for the first time, provides a timeline of the startling attack in which 365 attendees were killed, hundreds wounded and 40 kidnapped into Gaza.

Produced by Reinhardt Beetz, Duki Dror (“Inside the Mossad” Netflix and WDR/ARTE) and EP/ producer Danna Stern (“The Devil Next Door”, “The Oslo Diaries”) the team includes award-winning filmmakers and producers Yossi Bloch (Netflix’s “The Devil Next Door”) and Noam Pinchas (VPRO’s “Murky Skies”).

“We started covering the event in real-time, but only now are the details of this coordinated terror attack coming together to provide a comprehensive overview. This story will undoubtedly resonate for years to come” says Reinhardt Beetz, CEO of Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion.

“The magnitude and scenes we have documented are almost inconceivable and unprecedentedly they have been filmed by both perpetrators and victims. We have collected footage from dozens of different sources including Hamas’ own cameramen and GoPros, the victims’ mobile phones, CCTV footage, dash cams and from first responders on site- providing an unprecedented, comprehensive and emotional overview of the massacre which took place on October 7th” details producer and co-director Duki Dror.

The planned attack by Hamas on the festival, which was attended by over 3,500 revelers from multiple countries, was part of a series of raids on numerous Israeli targets carried out by the terror group in the early hours of a holiday weekend. Over one-in-ten people who attended the festival were murdered, hundreds more wounded with tens more taken hostage by Hamas kidnapped and taken into Gaza.

Gebrueder Beetz has produced several films in the Middle East including the award-winning documentary “Gaza” (Sundance 2019, ZDF/ARTE) and this year’s Oscar qualifying “In the Shadow of Beirut” (ZDF/ARTE) co-produced with Hillary Clinton’s Hidden Light Productions, among many others.

Hans Block & Moritz Riesewieck

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