We are very proud to announce that our film “Wadan’s World” has been awarded “best documentary film” at the renowned DOK.fest filmfestival in Munich. The prize, given out by industry professionals, is an additional honor to the already awarded audience award at the filmfestival in Schwerin, Germany. The jury said:
“WADAN’S WORLD seems to come from a fading world: The film tells the story of a long-established company in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It became the play ball of changing investors in the past years. In the center of Dieter Schumann’s visually powerful film is the dignity and ethos of work and the loneliness of humanity in the world of globalization, worker’s helplessness in a network of economical interests. Dieter Schumann manages to capture symbolical scenes showing the change of the working world without pressing on clichés. With his strong connection to the protagonists he wakes empathy, at the same time this extraordinary work shows with painful intensity the how fragile friendships and solidarity are. Harder then the work is loosing it. “