Our film “Empire Me” had a successful premiere on 25 March 2011 at the Diagonale in Graz, Austria. Also the press reacted very positively to the film by Paul Poet:
“A film that’s just simply cool.”
(Christine Deriaz, SCHNITT)
“The film creates a closeness, which one would rather expect from feature films with this excellent pictures and poetic story-telling.”
(Tageszeitung Kurier, Peter Temel)
“The comprehensive research with shootings all around the globe was successful, the audience asks itself the same question in the end, which is being asked in the film all the time: Does freedom actually  excist?”
(ORF, Simon Hadler)
“The utopia is alive, one wants to shout, before the dream of autonomy starts to crumble however(…)”
(FM4, Markus Keuschnigg)