Andrei Nekrasov, György Dalos, Christian Beetz, Georg Tschurtschenthaler and Kathrin Isberner receive a Grimme Award in the category “Information & Culture” for the 6-part TV-series “Farewell Comrades!” (ZDF/ARTE/rbb).
Over six episodes, the series follows the 16-year countdown leading to the final collapse of the Soviet world and Socialist utopia – told from the perspective of those people who experienced, caused or tried to prevent it.
Thank you and concratulation to everyone who was involved.
Besides the Grimme Awards for “FC Barelona Confidential” and “Between Insanity and Beauty” it´s now the 3rd Grimme Award for gebrueder beetz film production.
The Live-Stream of the Award Ceremony can be follows online on at 7pm.
3sat also broadcast the ceremony delayed on television at 10.25 pm.